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Service Market

$800 /mo

Voice Platform

$500 /mo
$1.00 / per user

$1,500 /mo
$5.00 /per Office Seat
$1.00 /per Login

$4,000 /mo
$2.50 /per Office Seat
$1.00 /per Login

Special Pricing On Request
Seats Included Unlimited 10 50 100
Office Platform     X X  X
Market Platform X   X X X
Voice Platform   X X X X
Internet Area Network X X X X X
IOS/Android Apps   X X X X
Co Brand   X X X X
Full Brand X     X X
On Our Servers X X X X X
On Your Servers X X X X X
Basic System     X    
Full System X X   X X
Backend Administration X X X X X
Administrators Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Remote Installation X X X X X
24/7 Support X   X X X
15 Min SLA X     X X
iOS/Andriod Rebranding   X   X X
Technical Advisor X   X X X
Carrier Choice Program   X X X X
Co-Marketing X X X X X
Monthly Upgrades X X X X X
Monthly System Check X X   X X